The Four Seasons

sq_four_seasonsbA four-fold of Time.

My diagram is so dull compared to others.


Images of the Four Seasons.

[*7.194, *8.99]



4 Responses to “The Four Seasons”

  1. The Four Mythological Beasts | Equivalent eXchange Says:

    […] Another item for my fourfold menagerie are the four symbolic mythological beasts of China. They are associated with the Four Cardinal Directions and the Four Seasons. […]

  2. The Seasons and the Zodiac | Equivalent eXchange Says:

    […] […]

  3. The Matrix of Four, the Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity | Equivalent eXchange Says:

    […] the positions halfway between the solstices. Even slightly non-circular orbits give rise to the four seasons: summer, fall, winter, spring. I can clearly see the concept of the duality of polarity here. […]

  4. Every Fourth Thing | Equivalent eXchange Says:

    […] are different because of their order in the sequence, even if they are the same tone. Also the Four Seasons, except that it’s a double dual plus it has a […]

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