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The Diurnal Cycle and Chinese Hours

August 23, 2018

Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku… wait… let me start over.

Long ago in China, the diurnal cycle of day, dusk, night, and dawn was divided into twelve two-hour hours and each hour was named after an animal in the Chinese Zodiac. The Hour of the Rat was from 11 P.M. to 1 A.M., and so on. These animals were also assigned directions: Rat being North, Ox being NNE, etc. Many are familiar with the animals having “years”, so if you were born in a certain animal’s year, you might have certain attributes. These twelve animals are certainly multi-purpose!

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The Diurnal Cycle

November 10, 2014

sq_diurnal_cycleA four-fold of Time.




The Four Seasons

October 31, 2014

sq_four_seasonsbA four-fold of Time.

My diagram is so dull compared to others.


Images of the Four Seasons.

[*7.194, *8.99]


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