The Four Cardinal Directions

sq_cardinal_directionsFour-fold of Space.

There are so many images, why not add another?

Other images of Cardinal directions.


Also, the four corners of the world.




4 Responses to “The Four Cardinal Directions”

  1. Relative Directions | Equivalent eXchange Says:

    […] you compare this four-fold to that of the Cardinal Directions, you can see that these directions are indeed relative to an observer, and depend on how the […]

  2. The Four Mythological Beasts | Equivalent eXchange Says:

    […] fourfold menagerie are the four symbolic mythological beasts of China. They are associated with the Four Cardinal Directions and the Four […]

  3. The Matrix of Four, the Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity | Equivalent eXchange Says:

    […] Chapter 3, “The Cross”, discusses the symbolism of the cross throughout human history and religion. Other four-folds mentioned include ankhs, swastikas, the four Christian gospels, the Tetragrammaton, the four questions of Passover, the four forms of theological interpretation (literal, allegorical, comparative, and secretive), the Sufi four gates of speech, Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths, Four Immeasureables, and the Four Right Exertions, the Classical Four Elements, and the four cardinal directions. […]

  4. Every Fourth Thing | Equivalent eXchange Says:

    […] the Cartesian Plane, R x R, or the Complex Plane, C. Latitude and longitude, or maybe even North, South, East, West are examples. For every ordered pair (x,y) there is (-x, -y), (x, -y), and (-x, y). Or complex x + […]

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