A Game of Four-folds, Part 3


Here’s another idea for the Game of Fourfolds, instead of using hexaflexagons. Since each fourfold can be permuted six ways, how about arranging those in six squares on the faces of a cube?

Here are the permutations of Heidegger’s “das Geviert” arranged on the faces of a cube, if one cuts it out and folds it up properly. Not only is the square the regular polygon of materiality, the cube is the regular polyhedron of Earth, the most material of the ancient four elements.

It might be awesome to have a cube of every fourfold I’ve talked about (at least the good ones), to combine and compare them. Even more awesome are the cubes for the REAL elements I’ve seen when I’ve searched images for “element cube”.

What I want to know is whether the six permutations can be arranged in a symmetric way on a cube?



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