E. F. Schumacher’s Four Fields of Knowledge

This fourfold is created from the product of two duals: Self & World, and Inner Experience & Outer Appearance.

  • The Inner Experience of Self is Experience.
  • The Outer Appearance of Self is Behavior.
  • The Inner Experience of World is Communication.
  • The Outer Appearance of World is Science.

The first fourfold is very similar to Hjelmslev’s Net, where Content is Inner Experience, Expression is Outer Appearance, Substance is unitary “Self”, and Form is multiplicity “World”.

It is also almost identical to Ken Wilbur’s AQAL as presented here.


E. F. Schumacher / A Guide for the Perplexed



[*7.88, *7.174, *7.176]



One thought on “E. F. Schumacher’s Four Fields of Knowledge”

  1. you are an amazing rare individual. A search for schumacher four fields of knowledge led me . (which was mentioned in a wikipedia entry)Ah, the miracle of epistemological proximity! I was not aware that Schumacher’s conception of the quadrants preceded Wilber, which I read all of Wilber’s books over 10 years ago as a teenager. Keep up your good work, and the building of your own philosophy, I am building a similar project. I expect great thing from you whether you remain pseudonymous or publish later in your life.

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