Four Things

I’ve heard that learning English isn’t easy, but I don’t really remember my own experience of doing so. Learning the difference between these four indefinite pronouns is just one of the many things to know, and seems to be a common grade school poster to hang up in the classroom.

  • Anything
  • Something
  • Everything
  • Nothing

Some use these four words together in a clever sentence or epigram, but today I’ve got nothing except this sad little diagram. I hope it is of some use to someone.

I also see this is done with anybody, somebody, everybody, and nobody, and there are some cute little stories out there too! Plus here’s another diagram.

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3 thoughts on “Four Things”

  1. Four states of material existence, boiled down to a most simplistic level. Probably the core language of those two iconic cartoon characters: Thing 1 and Thing 2.

      1. Trying to reply on a cell phone can be daunting. Especially when holding the phone in landscape orientation.

        But the link you suggested was most interesting, if a bit beyond my IQ. I read some of it, however, and appreciate the consciousness expanding quality of your research. Forge on ahead!

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