Political Fourfolds

sq_politicalToday I present an example of a political fourfold. Frequently they have two factors: first, between the personal and the economic, and second, between liberty and security, or freedom and control. The quadrants that result can have different labels, but the one above is essentially the Nolan Chart, consisting of Authoritarian, Conservatism, Libertarian, and Liberalism.

  • Libertarian (personal freedom, economic freedom)
  • Authoritarian (personal control, economic control)
  • Conservatism (personal control, economic freedom)
  • Liberalism (personal freedom, economic control)

But you can read this anytime! This is an important day in United States politics so I urge everyone that can to please get out and vote!



Images of “Political Quadrants”:



Well that went poorly.

Another political or ideological fourfold is Anarchism, Radicalism, Conservatism, and Liberalism. This appears in Hayden White’s “Metahistory” but I’m unsure of its previous history.

[*3.172, *7.31, *9.172]


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