The Four Idols of Francis Bacon

sq_four_idols2As a counterpoint to my previous post (and perhaps most of my previous posts) I present the following from Francis Bacon’s Novum Organum:

Idols of the Tribe
Errors in the mind of the group
Beliefs because most people have them

Idols of the Cave
Errors in the mind of the individual
Beliefs due to limited experience

Idols of the Marketplace
Errors in the use of words
Beliefs due to misuse of words

Idols of the Theater
Errors in false learning
Beliefs colored by religion and personal philosophy




3 thoughts on “The Four Idols of Francis Bacon”


    Art of Inquiry or Invention

    Art of Examination or Judgment

    Art of Custody or Memory

    Art of Elocution or Tradition

    (Francis Bacon – The Advancement of Learning, 1605)

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