The Fantastic Four

Fire, Aire, Earth, Water, all the Opposites
That strove in Chaos, powrefull Love unites;
And from their Discord drew this Harmonie,
Which smiles in Nature.

– From Sandy’s translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses (1632)

sq_fantastic_fourAll fours are fantastic, but especially this superhero team! I hear that a reboot of the movie franchise is on the way.

Nsq_elementsote they are close to being elementals, after the Four Elements. Paracelsus associated different spirits with each element.

Gnome: spirit of earth (industrious)
Undine: spirit of water (inspired)
Sylph: spirit of air (curious)
Salamander: spirit of fire (changeable)


Her name is now the Invisible Woman, instead of the Invisible Girl.


[*7.12, *8.96]


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