Archic Matrix: Perspectives

Personal distinction between (primary) subject and object personal, merely but infinite in number constitutive of (individual) content
Objective distinction between subject and (primary) object impersonal, subjectivity excluded non-constitutive, subordinate to content
Diaphanic unity between subject and object (to be obtained) personal, subordinated to higher and absolute perspectives non-constitutive, subordinate to superior views
Disciplinary unity between subject and object (initial condition) impersonal, subjectivity universalized constitutive of (universal) content

Since the Archic Matrix can be thought of as the union of four separate fourfolds, each of the fourfolds of perspective, reality, method, principle can be considered on its own. Here is the fourfold of perspectives consisting of personal, objective, diaphanic, and disciplinary perspectives. The content of the table and the bottom figure is derived from Walter Watson’s Architectonics of Meaning.



The 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching

Steven H. Cullinane has a great wealth of interesting material about square and cubic figures on various blogs and web sites. This figure was inspired by his arrangement of von Franz’s “box” style representation of the hexagrams. In the above figure, solid and open lines are shown as they are in the regular hexagrams. At the top is 01 The Creative, at the bottom is 02 The Receptive, at left is 64 Before Completion, and at right is 63 After Completion. It’s not quite symmetric, but I think it looks pleasing. The trigrams can be separated into two N and Z figures, but I’m still trying to find the best arrangement to display them.

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